Our Story

Offering simple, fresh and delicious dishes from all over China, Maggie Chow’s is a modern take on the quintessential Australian 'local Chinese’ of the 1970’s.

Imagine modern day freshness with a nostalgic Australian twist. Whether it be a fresh tofu noodle soups, a grilled salmon rice bowl or a combination fried rice with sweet and sour pork, there’s something for everyone.

Let us take you back. Our Wine list is dedicated to Premium Tasmanian wines - at not so premium prices. With offerings from Josef Chromy, Springvale, Stefano Lubiana and Glaetzer-Dixon you will not be disappointed.

Join us for a trip down memory lane. Oh and finally...

So who is Maggie Chow?

Well, she was last spotted working the wok in the Chow Family local Chinese in '73. She landed herself a job as an International Air Hostie with Qantas and has never been seen since. We dedicate this restaurant to her glamorous global lifestyle, we know she’ll pop in one day and surprise us all.

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